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 Notes for my March 2001 column: "Send E-Mail From VB" Minimize

As (bad) luck would have it, Microsoft released a security update for Microsoft Outlook just as the March, 2001 issue hit the newsstands. I had no information that it was coming, and was, like many of my readers, burned by installing the update on my main dev machine before I knew what it contained.

The bottom line is that you cannot run an app that automatically sends email on a machine with Outlook 2000 SP2 or later (including Office XP). Outlook will prompt you that an application is trying to access the address book, and lets you *manually* authorize the access - for a maximum of 10 minutes. This clearly won't work for unattended apps. And the best part: they offer no way around their "solution".

Automated apps of this sort are very useful for monitoring a process and sending email summaries or notification when something goes wrong.

To Microsoft's credit, they're addressing security concerns with this patch (so that a virus can't send itself out without your permission). They just got too heavy-handed with the implementation. 

Here's a link to Microsoft's explanation of the infamous Outlook E-mail Security Update :

The best I can offer using MAPI/CDO are these choices:
  • Run your app on an Outlook 2000 SP1 (or earlier) machine.
  • Run your app on NT Server with CDONTS or 2000 Server with CDOSYS.

Another option is to convert to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol), which is easiest to do with .NET.

Best of luck!

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